What is Starbucks Reserve®?

Our rarest, small batch coffees roasted in Seattle

December 16, 2015
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In constant search of great coffee, we every so often find something special in the most unlikely places—something we can't wait to bring home and share. For these unique, small-lot coffees, we created Starbucks Reserve®, an ongoing series of our rarest and most exotic coffees.

Unique in Origin

The factors that make a coffee unique are many, and discovering the extraordinary terroir where they all align—often as small as a single hillside—is something we cherish sharing. Coffee, like wine grapes, gets much of its flavor from specific growing conditions like soil, temperature, elevation, rainfall and sunshine.

Limited in Quantity

Our Reserve coffees often come from remote and rugged places, with limited harvests from lots as small as a family backyard. Whether we purchase a single bag or several, each is extremely limited and can often last only a matter of weeks.

Distinct in Flavor

Our team of expert tasters evaluates more than 250,000 cups every year in our tasting room. We then select just a few—only 1%—of the most unique coffees to become Starbucks Reserve® coffees, and meticulously develop a signature roast for every one of them.

Rich in Story
Through its distinct flavor and original artwork, each Reserve coffee tells the unique story of the farms and communities that helped create it.

Find Reserve near you
There are two ways to enjoy these amazing coffees:
• In select stores, individually ground and brewed by the cup just for you.
• Enjoy exclusive Reserve coffees at home with a monthly subscription.


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