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February 24, 2016
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What are you passionate about? For two baristas in Seattle, it’s coffee. As Starbucks partners (employees) at the Starbucks Reserve® Roastery & Tasting Room in Seattle, they get the first sneak-peeks of all of the new Starbucks Reserve® Coffees before they come out. For this week, three were released – Guatemala Finca Monte David, Sumatra Aceh and West Java Preanger

Partners Brittany Zeller and Pip Zebrowan led a tasting of the three and used technology to engage people all over the country. They used Periscope, a video streaming app that allows anyone to broadcast from a smartphone or tablet. On this day nearly 200 people tuned in to hear their thoughts on the new brews. Most were Starbucks partners who wanted to learn more about the coffees.

It’s a cool platform to reach out and share stories...both coffees launched and the process of what happens behind the scenes
–Pip, 7-year Starbucks partner

Their passion for coffee was palpable. A trio of coffees, triple the joy.

“I think the most genuine breakthrough experiences with coffee happen when you just do it for yourself. Let yourself experience it…that is really, really important”
–Brittany, 6-year Starbucks partner

To watch future coffee tastings, just download the Periscope app on your smartphone or tablet.
Look for “Starbucks Roastery” or @SBUXRoastery.

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