Coffee Tasting: México Chiapas

A bright, nutty coffee from a renowned coffee region

by Michelle Flandreau | September 29, 2016
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Smell. Slurp. Describe. It’s how the pros taste coffee. With the release of Starbucks® México Chiapas, we enlisted the help of coffee master Raelene Goodson. Watch as she guides us through a tasting of this special, single-origin coffee.

Smell: Raelene picked up on some cocoa notes.

Slurp: It’s ok. You have permission to slurp your coffee. Loud noises are encouraged.

Describe: Cocoa notes with flavors of nuts and a subtle citrus, according to Raelene.

Pairs well with: Croissants, cranberries and oranges. Raelene also loves to have México Chiapas coffee with pan dulce, a traditional Mexican sweet bread.

What makes this coffee special for Raelene: Her family is from Mexico and coffee has always been a big part of their lives.

“In Latino culture, you’re drinking coffee at the beginning of your day when you’re getting ready for work, during your lunch, after dinner when you’re catching up with family,” Raelene said.

Her parents live in California now, but Raelene always likes to send them coffee. She’s especially excited to send them a bag of México Chiapas coffee.

What makes this coffee special for us: This coffee comes from Chiapas, a region known for producing high-quality, arabica coffee. We’ve been sourcing coffee from Chiapas since 2002 and have long-standing relationships with many farmers there.

It’s also the same region receiving new coffee trees as part of our One Tree for Every Bag Commitment.* For every bag of coffee sold in participating Starbucks® stores in the United States, one new rust-resistant coffee tree will be provided to farmers in places impacted by coffee rust: Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala.

[México Chiapas] is celebrating the Chiapas region, which has been heavily impacted by coffee rust. Starbucks has committed a lot to it, and what we’re getting out of it is this gorgeous coffee.”
-Raelene Goodson
coffee master

México Chiapas coffee is available online and at participating U.S. stores for a limited time. The coffee will also be available in Mexico.

Starbucks Reserve® México Guadalupe Zajú


Floral aromas with lemon accents, milk chocolate notes and a golden honey sweetness

México Chiapas is one of two coffees we’re proud to offer from the Chiapas region. Starbucks Reserve® México Guadalupe Zajú comes to us from the Guadalupe Zajú farm, also located in Chiapas.

Coffee has been a part of Eduardo Esteve’s life for decades. He worked as a coffee trader for many years before deciding he wanted to become a coffee farmer himself. The Esteve family purchased the Guadalupe Zajú farm in 2003. Today, this first-generation farmer is committed to sound practices and continually improving the flavor and quality of his coffee.

México Guadalupe Zajú is available exclusively in October through our Roastery Subscription program. Subscribe by October 2, 2016 to receive this coffee.


*Starbucks will donate $0.70, the average cost of a coffee tree, to Conservation International for every bag of coffee sold from participating Starbucks® stores in the U.S. to foster thriving coffee communities. To learn more, visit

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