Small-lot coffee brings pride to Mexico

March 31, 2016
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Opening a new bag of coffee might not seem like a momentous occasion. But for the baristas at one Starbucks store in Mexico City, Mexico, it was a big deal.

In March, Starbucks Reserve® Moliere 222 was selected to open up the first bag of Mexico Finca Nueva Esperanza. It’s only the second Starbucks Reserve coffee to come from Mexico.

"I think it is a spectacular cup of coffee, and it is an honor that my store was selected to open the first bag," barista Sandra said.

Sandra says she is proud to share the rare, exclusive coffee with their customers.

"I really liked the flavor, nutty notes and dried fruits; even the almond notes...very characteristic of this coffee, which I found amazing," Sandra said.

Finca Nueva Esperanza
Did you know?

The farm, Finca Nueva Esperanza, is located in La Concordia, which is in the department of Chiapas. Ricardo Baumann Brenner and his wife Celia purchased the farm in 1960. When Ricardo died 13 years later, Celia and their son, Alan, took over management of Finca Nueva Esperanza, which translates to "farm of new hope." For more than 40 years now, they’ve kept the operation running smoothly, managing the planting, harvesting, processing and drying on the farm.

Coffee Notes
Bright lemon citrus notes and a touch of almond sweetness.

Mexico Finca Nueva Esperanza is offered exclusively in select Starbucks stores in Mexico.

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