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Journey with us through one of the world’s great coffee communities

March 23, 2016
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Costa Rica is alive with coffee, from the mountains of Tarrazú to the streets of San José. We just returned from the Central American country, where we had the opportunity to meet some of the remarkable people behind this vibrant community — from the farmers working the land to the agronomists working to support them.

While the industry is thriving, it’s also facing new challenges to its sustainability. Hacienda Alsacia, Starbucks first coffee farm and the center for our global agronomy research, is addressing these issues. Our experts there work directly with local farmers to ensure the future of the coffees we love around the world.

Meet some of the people behind Costa Rica’s famous coffees.

Carlos Mario Rodriguez

As Starbucks Head of Global Agronomy, Carlos Mario is committed to advancing the growth of sustainable coffee farming around the world, from Costa Rica to Papua New Guinea.

Victor Trejos

As the General Manager at Hacienda Alsacia, our coffee farm in Costa Rica, Victor brings 30 years of experience to help agronomists and growers ensure the future of sustainable coffee production.

Orlando Mora Alfaro

An agronomist with Starbucks in San José, Orlando works with local farmers to give them the latest information and resources to help maximize the quality and productivity of their coffee.

Felix Monge

A third-generation grower in Tarrazú, Felix represents the millennial movement in farming, using the latest tools and technologies to meet new challenges to the industry.

The Sanchez Family

Owners of the acclaimed La Candelilla Estate, the Sanchez family has been growing coffee together for five generations and has been working closely with Starbucks for over a decade.

Mario Arroyo

As the Marketing Manager for the Costa Rican Coffee Institute, Mario works to promote his country’s coffee and believes it can be a powerful connecting point for all of us.

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