How to Make a Cappuccino

Try it at home with these helpful tips

featuring Mike Campbell | August 12, 2016
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It’s nice to treat yourself to a cappuccino artfully crafted by a Starbucks barista who uses our signature espresso blend along with perfectly foamed milk. But it’s also nice to know you can make your own right at home. Watch as our barista and store manager Mike Campbell shares in-store techniques anyone can follow.

Here’s the gear and steps to get started at home.

What You’ll Need

• Espresso maker with a steam wand
• Metal steaming pitcher with a pointed spout
• Coffee mug (wide and shallow is recommended)
• Milk (whole milk is easiest to pour)
• Coffee ground for espresso (we recommend Starbucks® Espresso Roast)


1) Make espresso shots.
2) Fill pitcher about one-third of the way with cold milk.
3) Insert steam wand just below the surface of the milk to aerate for 8-10 seconds (Should sound like paper tearing).
4) Dipping the steam wand even further into the milk, continue steaming until it heats up to 150 degrees.
5) Tap the pitcher firmly on the counter to release air bubbles and compress the foam.
6) Slowly add your foamed milk to the center of the espresso for a thick frothy layer.

Wondering how a cappuccino is different from a latte? Check out this illustration that compares the two drinks.


Keep your milk pitcher in the refrigerator until you need it. The colder the milk, the longer it needs steaming, which makes for better texture.

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