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How the unique coffee machine works

March 2, 2016
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Coffee beans have more than 800 flavor characteristics. That’s twice the number found in red wine. For those who love to savor the unique notes of the world’s rarest coffees, the Clover® brewer brings them out with a clarity we describe as "high–definition coffee."

Found in select Starbucks Reserve® stores, the Clover combines full–immersion brewing and vacuum extraction with the skill of our baristas to extract the full flavor potential of our Reserve coffees, one cup at a time.

A peek behind the counter at the Clover’s one–of–a–kind process.

Step One

The precise proportion of whole beans is weighed to the gram specifically for the Clover, then ground in a steel cup.

Step Two

The marriage of technology and craft begins as the grounds are poured into the Clover’s chamber.

Step Three

As hot water pours over, your barista folds the grounds with a whisk for even saturation and a consistent 202° temperature. Based on the bean you select, the brew time may vary.

Step Four

The puck in the Clover pushes up, then down, combining the qualities of a Coffee Press in the previous step and a Vacuum Pot within this step, to extract every ounce of flavor.

Step Five

The grounds are wiped clear, cleaning the filter in preparation for the next perfect cup.

Step Six

You’re invited to experience the full flavor of one of our rare Reserve coffees, further enhanced by this unique machine.

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