Behind the Scenes: New Starbucks Disneytown in Shanghai, China

Inspired by the craft of coffee and magic of Disney

by Michelle Flandreau | June 16, 2016
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The “Happiest Place on Earth” just got a little more magical. People can now experience the craft of coffee at the new flagship Starbucks® store in the new Disneytown at Shanghai Disney Resort.

The store’s design draws inspiration from coffee’s journey from farm to cup, Chinese culture and the playfulness of Disney.

Our partners (employees) in Shanghai created this video to share their excitement for the new store. They even wrote a song about it for 1912 Pike.

As customers enter through grand doors, they’ll immediately notice a warm, welcoming environment. The store features natural woods and materials, which represent the agricultural roots of coffee. Delicate gold and white metal wiring hangs from the ceiling, forming a design inspired by latte art.

“It brings to life Starbucks coffee passion,” said Winnie, general manager of the Starbucks Disneytown store.

On the second floor of the store, Starbucks cups create a mural of the iconic siren. Inside a handful of the cups, local artists designed silhouette scenes that reflect China’s cultural heritage.

“We are excited to welcome all customers from different countries with different cultural background[s]. Our partners will provide [a] unique Starbucks experience through [great] passion and expertise,” Winnie said. “We sincerely invite you to visit Starbucks Disneytown store.”

The Starbucks Disneytown store opened June 8, 2016, just before the grand opening of Shanghai Disney Resort on June 16. It’s the first flagship store within a Disney resort in Asia and the fourth flagship store in China.

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